DotPayPayments DotPayPayments


Sample payments, which can be used on the website using the DotPayPayments script, where on the offer page, for which we want to receive the payment, one should place a button directing to the payment system to the address from the transaction id.

1. Online payment with the function of sending a file to e-mail.
Address: transaction.php?tid=transaction-1
Buy now

2. Online payment without sending a file.
Address: transaction.php?tid=transaction-2
Pay now

3. Online payment any (payment).
Address: transaction.php
Make payment

Information! Before using the script, please read the documentation and details of the script configuration and transaction. The documentation can be found in the catalog file: /_Documents/Dokumentation.txt. After correctly configuring the script on the page with your offer, put only one button appropriate for the type of transaction.